The manuscript!

Now available to beta readers

Hello! Very excited to share version one of the manuscript with you. I decided to open up the whole thing, rather than send chapters out of context; I’d like to see how you browse and read the book on your own terms. There’s a LOT of content — nearly 300 images and 70k words — so I am eager to see what resonates or doesn’t!

I’m using a great new tool called Help This Book that will let you easily read and add highlights (great, confusing, useful, slow) or thoughts.

It does strip out my formatting; sorry if the image captions and assorted notes look confusing. Don’t worry about catching typos: the key feedback I need is on content. I’d love to know:

  • 💡 What’s the most useful stuff? (What’s the 10% I should definitely keep?)

  • ✂️ What’s fluff or TMI? (What’s the 20% of the book I should cut?)

  • 🐢 Where does your mind start to wander? What’s boring or confusing?

  • 🕳 What seems missing? Is there anyone else I should be quoting?

I’m sending the manuscript to the dev editor soon (🐇 Monday, Sep 27), so any initial comments before then would be A+!

I’m starting design in November, so any comments before Halloween 🎃 would also be extremely helpful! But you’ll have access to the draft after that too.

A few other notes:

  • TK = to come (blame journalism for the weird abbreviation)

  • Most images are FPO (for positioning only), often just copy/pasted from Google to represent the sketch or licensed image that will go there, please don’t sue me

  • The EXERCISE and ANALYZE labels will be links to full instructions and templates in an online workbook

  • Please add your name in a comment on the last page (even if you don’t finish reading the whole thing), so I can thank you in the book!

Please let me know if you have questions! And take a peek at the book: