Listening sessions

What are your biggest challenges with UX or digital product design?

Hello! I’m looking to do some 30-minute listening sessions in the next few weeks to hear about people’s biggest challenges with regards to UX or digital product design. Feel FREE to use this as office hours for your own thoughts and questions — I’m just looking to listen and understand a variety of UX issues! You can grab a spot here:

(If you don’t have time to meet but have some thoughts, please reply to this email with them, I love to hear them.)

And big thanks to everyone who’s looked at the manuscript! All the comments — complimentary and critical — are really helpful in making this book extra-useful. Special thanks to Linda Eskin for this gem of a blurb:

Decades-long UX pro here… I had my phone read me the first few chapters while doing chores, just to get a sense of the book. I love it so far! The beginning has great energy and momentum to it. There's a distinct feeling of being taken care of, led by the hand, by a mentor. It's clear what's coming, with lots of useful resources ahead. So, having read “every UX book out there,” (more or less), you've grabbed my attention. Everything you say makes sense, and meshes with my read-world experience.

You can read it here!