Beta Chapter 2: Flows

Preparing readers to sketch low-fidelity flows that speak to user needs, and inspiring them with different ways to generate ideas.

Hello again! I’m about halfway done writing the book I think (50k words drafted), and I just brought a second chapter into InDesign for you all to review.

This chapter is on flows, and it will happen about 1/3 of the way into the book (after some setup and strategy work). I’m including the first half of the chapter, on sketchy flows; the second half of the chapter will zoom in further.

Fonts, layouts, typesetting, and images are all placeholder (please don’t sue me for pasting images from Google before I draw my own); I’ll design the thing properly after I finish the first draft. An editor will copyedit later, too. I'm most interested in your feedback on:

  1. the CONTENT in this section — is it enough to get started on a sketchy flow?

  2. the SEQUENCE of the book — is this section clearly organized? what other info would you need before it?

You can download the 10-page section here:

Then take the 4-question survey here:

Thanks so much!