Beta Chapter 1: Fidelity

Hello beta readers! I have a first chapter drafted, and I’m excited to hear what you all think. I’m writing this book using the key UX principle of “designing with, not for”, so I’m happy to hear how this guidebook could be more useful to you.

This chapter is on fidelity, and it’ll be near the beginning of the book. The goals of this chapter are to help readers:

  1. understand different levels of prototype fidelity

  2. acquire proficiency in choosing an appropriate level

FYI, the layout design is appropriately low-fidelity — I’m just using good old Georgia, and first-draft images. An editor will do copyediting later, so don't worry about reporting typos.

I'm most interested in your feedback on:

  1. the GOALS listed above — do they resonate, where are you currently in relation to them?

  2. the TOPICS included in this chapter — what helped or what’s missing in order for you to feel confident on the goals above?

You can download the PDF here:

Then submit any comments here:

Thanks so much for participating!